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We're an innovative engineering and manufacturing company with a disruptive technology bringing economical and green solutions to the production and commercialization of bitumen and heavy oil.
We are transforming the global heavy oil and oil sands industry by making it more profitable, efficient and environmentally-friendly.








Expert Leadership Team

The Alfaluz team of experts includes some of the foremost thinkers in bitumen production technology. Our innovative system, combined with years of expertise, provides profitability for our clients even in times of growing regulation and economic uncertainty. Our Calgary office was established to provide Alberta's operators with easy access to Alfaluz's technology and innovations.


  • Adaptation of Alfaluz’s “Plug and Play” system to customers’ production processes

  • Specially designed and engineered proprietary high-tech equipment

  • M-CRACK:  Processing system for MFT, bitumen and heavy oil


  •  MCT Separator

  •  Injection Chamber

  •  Petromax “Green”  Chemical

  •  Purpose Designed Pressure Units

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Scot von Bergen 

Founder & CEO

Scot is the Founder & CEO of Alfaluz as well as an established entrepreneur and founder of multiple global companies. Serving in a variety of sales and leadership roles over a career spanning more than forty years Scot has recently dedicated much of his efforts to establishing and managing start-up initiatives. Alfaluz was founded in 2013 with a vision dedicated to the development, manufacturing, and sale of disruptive technologies (chemicals and equipment) to dramatically increase the value of produced heavy crude oils at the wellhead and to remediate contaminated soils and pits fast and at very low cost while respecting the environment.  Contact Scot

Oscar is an engineer specializing in energy with more than 30 years experience of in developing and deploying innovative processes and technology. His experience includes expertise in oil refining, electricity generation, transportation, and distribution of natural gas, geothermal and solar. Contact Oscar

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Oscar Coustasse Maass

General Manager

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Marina von Bergen


Marina brings 25 years of business strategy, marketing, and communications in various industries in the Americas & Europe to the Alfaluz team. Having worked in large global firms such as Deloitte as well as smaller boutique organizations, she brings a well-rounded and results-driven approach to her strategic role with Alfaluz. Contact Marina

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Randy Brawn

Operations Manager

Randy has more than 40 years of experience in USA refineries maintenance, R&D and Operators training. He developed new applications for Petromax and assisted in the design of the M-CRACK system and provided on-the-spot technical hands-on assistance to potential customers in field test operations. He has been responsible for initiating and leading important projects that resulted in great savings of money and increased efficiency.   

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Gordon Holden

Board Member / Corporate Advisor - Canada

Calgary-based senior executive with expertise in global upstream and midstream oil and gas projects with a strong focus on Canada. 

Holden's specialties include planning and implementation economic evaluations negotiation of international and Canadian upstream oil and gas contracts as well as extensive experience in understanding and managing risk in upstream oil and gas ventures, establishing financial systems, managing external financial and reserve auditor relationships, and acquiring equity and debt financing.

Please keep me up to date about the latest Alfaluz technology developments.

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