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Our unique H₂S reduction process is designed to meet the needs of upstream oil producers worldwide. From small to large-scale operations, our economical solution addresses H₂S challenges effectively and upgrades oil quality.

Effectively eliminate H₂S from oil emulsions 

From small to large-scale operations, our economical solution addresses H₂S challenges effectively and upgrades oil quality.


Hydrogen sulfide (H₂S) is a major challenge in the oil industry due to its toxic and corrosive nature. This gas is not only harmful to human health but also poses significant risks to equipment and infrastructure. Traditional methods for H₂S removal, such as amine plants, are often expensive, complex, and environmentally taxing. Innovative solutions are essential to address these issues effectively.

Alfaluz's novel H₂S removal technology offers a cost-effective, efficient, and environmentally friendly alternative. It significantly reduces H₂S levels at the wellhead, enhancing safety and operational efficiency while also upgrading oil quality by eliminating sulfur, salts, and heavy metals. Alfaluz’s groundbreaking technology transforms waste into sellable by-products like sodium sulphite, adding economic value and minimizing environmental impact. This sustainable approach not only helps oil producers comply with stringent regulatory standards but also reduces greenhouse gas emissions and operational costs.


Dealing with H₂S in oil emulsions is now simpler, cost-effective and more efficient. Our innovative technology significantly or completely reduces H₂S, sulfur, salts, and heavy metals, leading to upgraded oil quality.


Cost-effective: Say goodbye to expensive H₂S Amine plants. Our unique H₂S reduction technology is significantly more cost-effective and environmentally friendly. The residue produced can be sold as sodium sulphite, adding more value increasing your profitability.

Increased production throughput: By significantly reducing H₂S levels in oil emulsions, producers can significantly increase their production throughput. Our novel technology also reduces greenhouse gas emissions and upgrades oil quality, providing multiple economic benefits for your operations.

Safety and regulatory compliance: Alfaluz’s novel H₂S removal system ensures safety and regulatory compliance, crucial for oil operations. With H₂S levels significantly lowered, safety risks are minimized, and oil quality is improved.

Compact & easy-to-install: Alfaluz’s innovative H₂S reduction system is modular and easy to install, making it ideal for oil fields with varying production rates. It integrates seamlessly into existing infrastructure, enhancing overall efficiency, reducing costs and upgrading oil quality.

Sustainable: Alfaluz’s unique technology is designed with sustainability in mind. Using biodegradable, non-toxic Petromax®, we offer an eco-friendly solution that significantly reduces H₂S levels and harmful residues.



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We're currently conducting commercial tests with Canadian heavy oil producers. Interested in  testing your heavy oil in our system, too? Submit your contact information if you'd like to explore how your company would benefit from the Alfaluz solution or if you'd like to receive updates on our latest developments. 

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