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Limited Time Offer: 
Sign Up By April 30th

Does your company produce 3,000+ barrels per day? If so...

Upgrade Your Toughest Crude - On Us!

Upgrading your most challenging heavy crude so you can improve your bottom line with almost no environmental impact is our expertise.


The more challenging your crude is for you, the more we can help. 

We know it sounds too good to be true. 

That's why we're running this challenge.

Step 1: Send Us Your Most Challenging Crude

This is the stuff you've kind of given up on or just want to get more out of.

  • Send 90+ kg of your toughest crude to our testing site in the Calgary area (your only cost)

  • API of 15 or less is ideal for these tests

  • Make sure it's completely untreated

Step 2: We'll Test and Upgrade It for Free

Our process uses no heat, no diluents, and results in near-zero environmental impact

  • We'll at least partially upgrade your crude by instantaneously breaking the emulsion and reducing viscosity, density, sulfur and TANs in under an hour

  • We'll conduct - and share with you - the analysis of reduction of viscosity, density, TAN and sulfur (additional results can be provided, for a fee)

  • We'll provide you with baseline information on balance of mass and energy

  • We'll send you pictures / video of the test and provide you with the fully confidential analysis report


Our Commitment Is to Reduce Your Heavy Crude's Viscosity, Density, Sulfur and TANs in Under 1 Hour Without the Use of Heat and Diluents.

The resulting product will be more profitable, and
reduce your production and transportation costs. 

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If We Succeed

If we meet our commitment, you will schedule a 30 minute meeting with us and your technical engineers, within 15 days of the test, so we can share with them how we did it, and how your company could increase profitability and reduce production and transportation costs with our system. 

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If We Don't Succeed

If we don't meet our commitment, you'll benefit from receiving the analysis report of your heavy crude oil. This report will be fully confidential and include our expert insights and feedback. 

Limited Time Offer: 
Sign Up By April 30th

Want to Participate or Learn More?

Submitting this form indicates your interest in learning more about this challenge. It does not represent a commitment on your behalf to participate in it. 

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